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What are your qualifications?

What makes you different?

What is an example of a sound feature?

How many sessions are involved?

How long does it take to change my pronunciation?

Why is it worth the investment?

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Our Clients


  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Job Seekers


Many L2 clients have been promoted to a new position, or have a new job or profile, which demands better communication skills with their clients and colleagues.

Other clients feel their speech is a barrier to advancement at work.

L2 clients on the job hunt know that in an age of pre-screening phone/video interviews where they have a very short time to show their value, good oral English skills make or break their future prospects.

Our clients come to L2 to take their North American English pronunciation to the next level.

The Result


  • Greater confidence at work and in your personal life.
  • A positive feedback loop in your communication:
    • You feel more confident.
    • You speak up more.
    • You further improve your speech accuracy.
  • Your listeners will focus on your ideas and not be distracted by unclear speech.


Tuesday-Saturday 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday-Monday Closed


427- 470 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6C 1V5

Phone:  604.267.7781     

Email: info@L2accent.com

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