“I would like to share good news with you. I got accepted to the Family Medicine Residency Program at St. Paul’s Hospital! My patients used to ask, ‘You have an accent, where are you from?’ Now they mostly ask, ‘Your English is very good, how long have you been in Canada?’ I think the best answer would be, ‘3 months with Patrick Byrne!’ Thank you so much for all your help, I believe my success would not be possible without you.”

Dr. Lilian Shyman
Physician, St. Paul’s Hospital


“Thank you for teaching me these amazing pronunciation techniques. This is the best English course I’ve ever had. I will apply these techniques into my daily English speaking and voice dubbing practice.”

Rikki Wu
Voice-Over Actor


“I’ve been speaking English for 16 years and even graduated with honours from university. My vocabulary and grasp of English are good, but it was very frustrating when people seemed to focus intensely on my speech just to follow me. What was worse was that it was hard to know what my mistakes were and how to improve them.  The program identified my issues and corrected them one at a time. What helped me the most was your ability to imitate my sounds and produce the correct pronunciation side by side, which made it easier to understand the errors how to change them. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Farnam Mohasseb
Mortgage Broker


“The program was just unbelievable! I’ll never forget this experience as the best English program I’ve ever taken. I had hundreds of questions about pronunciation and rhythm, and you answered them all. I now feel much less stress when speaking than before.”

Hideaki Kasai
MBA, M.Eng


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